Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Search for Apples [part 11] - Over The River...

T'Kala's Personal Log: Stardate 62783.8, Earthdate September 22, 2385.

Time: It's relative nature is often revealed when one chooses not to account for the days that have passed.  Such is the nature of this log entry: after entering the stardate on my PADD, I stared at it for a few moments before beginning; so many days have passed, how to summarize the events leading to this moment?  As my mother once told me, I must collect myself and begin at the most logical point of interest (as it pertains to the story being presented).  A monumental task, as I glance around the drab, rusted confines of the room we procured, made even more difficult when I look in the reflection, and see my own radiant blue complexion.
How did these choices play out the events that brought me here, and how can I convince myself that this was to make a point to my mother, when the point has now become lost in the quest....

Upon following the flight path of the vessel their friend used as transport, we stumbled upon a debris field, in which I scanned and determined was said vessel.  Kabrina and Devon were relieved after I ascertained there was no Betazoid DNA in said debris, however, their flight records indicated they dropped some cargo (and possibly Eva) at the nearby Deep Space K7 station.  We traveled onward and arrived at K7 sometime in the early morning discovering the station in a state of repair - having just been attacked.

As we had been flying jamming communication (so my mother wouldn't determine our whereabouts), we hadn't heard their distress calls, and arrived after the damage had been done.  Luckily, however, Kabrina offered assistance to those injured, and station operations was too chaotic to run our ship through the database against missing vessels.  I spoke with Commander Wildman only briefly, enough to hear something that truly surprised me: the responsible party was a Klingon raiding party.

Why had the Klingons openly attacked the station, and what were their motives?  It has been widely speculated that the Klingon Defense Force has been recruiting and building their armada - so much so - that my mother had been called away from leave to investigate the KDF, and their intent.  It was whispered throughout the academy that the KDF wanted war... Now, it seems, their first step was not only to attack K7, but to take on prisoners, as well... A strange set of events for Klingons, specifically.  Unless they were trying to gather prisoners, for a dowry exchange with another race - perhaps Orions.  It would allow what's left of the Orion Syndicate to rebuild, while strengthening the KDF.  On this, however, we only had speculation, which was later confirmed... through methods I do not wish to catalog.

Drozana station met our requirements to find transport to within the KDF borders.  It was not difficult... but was quite dangerous.  The Gorn we eventually contracted negotiated with Devon and myself over the price of said transport.  He seemed to enjoy the game quite more than the outcome, and further harassed Devon for what appeared to be amusement.

This notwithstanding, Kabrina calmly and collectively dealt with the Gorn and was very... Vulcan-like.  (She would be upset, I think, if she heard such a comment - but it is meant in a strict compliment.)  This, however, was short-lived, when the woman found herself learning the true nature of a targ upon the Gorn's shuttle; Kabrina mistakenly assumed the animal was a pet.  Devon consoled her...  I found myself looking at the couple with a feeling of... intrigue.  It disturbs me greatly.  While this trip is to show my mother what human intuition can accomplish and the benefit of acknowledging my emotional side, I find myself leaning heavily on her Vulcan teachings and meditating to not give in to any desires.  And such is what vexes me so completely: I have such a strange serendipitous feeling toward the couple, I can not help but think I am experiencing an echo of what may have been.  If this Eva has come from the future and changed things already, was this inadvertent pairing truly fortuitous, or destined?  Kabrina had a premonition when she touched Eva, prior to our meeting.  She explained something to me she hadn't mentioned before, an urgency that shouldn't be overlooked: among the images, she saw a future - a future entirely of Borg.

We spoke on the subject only after arriving on Qo'nos and obtaining lodging.  Our disguises and physical alterations were almost unnoticed: the Gorn's assistant had some experience in the art.  My remodeling was almost completely a success, until an antennae fell off.  And for some reason I do not understand, I burst into  laughter at the insanity of our predicament and my blue antennae on the floor.  We may look strange, sleep in a strange room, and make strange deals with strange people, but in the end, I would be denying my emotions if I did not conclude that this adventure has thus far been... enjoyable.  (Despite the grave, lingering doom.)

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