Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Search for Apples [part 12] - Standstill

T'Kala's Personal Log: Stardate 62959.5, Earthdate December 01, 2385.

While I have often heard humans use the expression, "Time flies," I never thought it accurate.  Perhaps now that I have been on Qonos for approximately a full Vulcan season and experienced the inverse of the expression, can I truly appreciate it.  This appreciation is also felt for the composure and seriousness expressed back at Starfleet Academy: here within First City, Klingon singing, drinking, and otherwise lack of reserve seems to weigh heavily on the human emotion of annoyance.  But within the social order of this erratic faction, I see structure: and it comes to them in times of war... a war that may be upon the horizon.  These portents and whispers are currently just that, however: whispers... and they do not further our objective.

What we all want is to find Eva.  My compatriots and I both seem to be loosing hope for finding her here on Qo'nos.  Attending more Orion slave-trade meets than Devon and I have ever cared to attend, none have yielded results.  I am perplexed by this: if Eva did become a commodity of the attacking Klingons and given as a dowry, we should have some lead to help our investigation.  But in all this time, there has been nothing to further our goal.  Kabrina seems to be taking the standstill particularly emotionally.  To this, I find myself trying to comfort her, but not knowing how to relate to such matters.  I grown closer to her... to them both, and I do believe if our quest ends tragically, I will share in their disappointing sadness.

Time will tell, I suppose; time that seems to be moving very slowly on this foreign planet.

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