Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Search for Apples [part 10] - Resolute Familiarity

T'Kala's Personal Log: Stardate 62712.4, Earthdate September 1, 2385.

Upon completion of packing, I once again toured the grounds.  Objectivity tells me my emotional attachment to the facility is not based in logic, and that it is an inanimate object.  Yet, when I sit and observe the passers-by, I can't help but... feeling sad.  Many Vulcans would relish the change, welcoming the red motif of my homeworld.  Personally, I've preferred the vibrant blue sky of Earth.  Mother would fail to recognize the beauty.  She would see these gardens as a non-functional waste of space.  We see things so differently, it's so very frustrating.

Thus, it would be convenient to blame my human side asserting itself, resulting in a ill-advised decision from such rash emotions.  But what would be the logic that?  It was both my human anger and my Vulcan logic to make the decision; now I am to play it through...

It came from when my mother contacted me via subspace with the announcement of her delay.  She had been recalled for an incident; had to leave the academy in such short notice, she left behind her yacht.  She contacted me requesting I rendezvous with her (and bring her vessel back to her), before leaving for Vulcan.  I tried to again assert my declaration to stay at the academy.  The abominable admiral would not be swayed.

I returned to the bench, my decision to defy the woman, resolute.  It was do to this... passion... that I persuaded both Kabrina and Devon to accompany me, whom I had been speaking with prior to my mother's call.  There's something about the couple that seems so familiar.  Perhaps it was that I ran into them during a moment of emotion-filled discussion with my mother a while back.  Perhaps it was that I was able to open to Kabrina, who was also feeling vulnerable on that eventful day.  Then again, perhaps, I needed someone's support with the decision I made today.  To by surprise, they both agreed to accompany me, procuring my mother's yacht for our own agenda.

It was my intent simply to have company during my act of defiance; it shortly converted to a mission of sorts... Kabrina went on to explain their current predicament:  They were in need of finding their friend, which had left abruptly when the Department of Temporal Investigations requested an audience. Furthermore, she went on to explain they believe this person to be a distant relative come back from the future...

Granted, I find this highly improbable, to be certain, yet I cannot deny the possibility.  It is this objectivity, I wish to express to my mother by my insurrection.  Perhaps this ill-begot mission truly is fortuitous in the exactness of its own timing, and perhaps I will uncover this strange sense of (I believe, what humans call) deja vu.

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