Friday, June 22, 2012

The Search for Apples [part 9] - Defiance

T'Kala's Personal Log: Stardate 62689.8, Earthdate August 24, 2385.

If there was a remote possibility of going back in time and changing my decision to follow in my mother's footsteps, I would take it.  As Vulcans, we used to believe that the ability to travel in time was impossible, and it was illogical to debate the point.  Now, however, we view time travel as improbable, yet not impossible.  And somehow what was once illogical is now very much a logical possibility.... This, in of itself, is the paradox of logic; and it is a logic that Vulcans hold in the highest regard.

It is this logic that makes arguing with my mother, Vice Admiral T'Area, impossible.  She will not listen to reason once her mind is made up.  The human side of me recognizes this as stubbornness, yet the Vulcan half actually recognizes the logic of her resolve - it is the constant internal conflict that always seems to get me into trouble, especially here at Starfleet Academy, among most that do not have such inward racial turmoil.

I knew to expect a visit from her after the last incident: I flew a toy shuttle craft, equipped with a practice stunning phaser, which shot the professor, via hidden remote control... It was quite funny!  My mother (of course) failed to understand the humor.  And to that end, has officially requested I be removed from the program, transferred to Vulcan, and made go through the Kulinar.  I know others that have gone through the process, and came out... different.  This is not an outcome I wish for myself.  Yet, as of log, I am still uncertain of what action I should take.

One meeting does seem to present a previously unexplored option, however... Yesterday, I had a very unusual visit with a certain cadet named Kabrina.  I had seen her speaking to my mother the previous day - to which I am certain was an undesirable outcome.  Thus I was intrigued when I ran into her, while submitting my transfer requisition.  We wound up having an afternoon impromptu drink, which was quite calming.  She seems very approachable, if not somewhat distracted.  Perhaps I should request an audience for a bit of advice, and in turn, assist her.  She does work at the reception desk at Starfleet Academy... perhaps my transfer request could be... delayed?

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