Monday, June 25, 2012

Apples on my family tree [part 6] - The Last Night

Eva's Personal Log: Stardate 62670.1, Earthdate August 17, 2385.
With every passing official and cadet, I find myself anxious - ready to defend.  As the days continue past the 'incident' in my room, I find it difficult to concentrate... difficult to plan my next move.  My mind is constantly weighing the outcomes and consequences, with paradoxical logic I don't even understand.  It's apparent to me now that Tryn gave me something.  Somehow, he touched my mind when he sent me back.  I think with a clarity that becomes cloudy if I try to focus.  I give up as it slips through my fingers and I dishearteningly sigh.  But something tells me that if he did do something to me... If he did give me this 'gift,' he must have known I would need it.  He always knew...

"It shall be very treacherous.  There shall be those whose primary goals will be to interrupt what we are trying to do... What you will be trying to do."

His eyes gazed (as they often did) to something only he could see, as if he saw past the hull of the craft.  After a moment I realized what he meant: he wasn't coming with me.  I suddenly broke down, pleading with him, begging him to reconsider the plan.  I told him how lost I'd be without him, how I couldn't do this alone.  He simply smiled at me, lightly touched my scarred cheek, and told me everything I needed to hear.

We made love that night -in the gloomy, drab old half-working shuttle, silently nestled to the outer hull of our most feared enemy.  It was the first time I'd ever done so, the first time I realized I loved him, and the last night we shared together... before he gave his life to save everything.

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