Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apples on my family tree [part 5] - Intruder Alert!

Eva's Personal Log: Stardate 62665.8, Earthdate August 15, 2385.
What once started as a blissful luxury, has now turned into an uncomfortable annoyance.  I find myself tossing and turning, agitated by the softness and silky satin sheets.  So restless were my nights, that I've gone back to the familiarity of the stiff, unforgiving floor.

It was for this reason, that I was able to quickly roll under the bed, when a flash of transporter beam light awoke me from my light sleep.  I stealthy reached to my hip for a weapon, when I suddenly remembered: no weapons were allowed for cadets at Starfleet Academy.  I silently cursed the rule, and tried to get a better look at the intruder that had invaded my dorm.  However, the shadowy figure had walked closer to the bed by the time my eyes adjusted from the brilliance of the transport beam.  All I could make out were the shoes.

After a moment of scanning the area, an odd-sounding combadge was tapped.  "I have isolated the source of the chroniton trace to a cadet's bed.  To which cadet does this room belong?"

A voice returned the answer.  "It seems to be registered to an Eva Applestien, sir.  Looks somewhat strange though... The application process was bypassed, and Starfleet Academy records hardly shows any information in her personnel file."

"Very well: open a case file for a formal investigation on this... Eva.  It is quite obvious she is not who she appears to be."

Suddenly the room lit up with another transport beam and the intruder vanished.  I stayed under the bed for the rest of the night, my mind racing - more questions than answers.  If my identity had been compromised, so too had the future's fate...

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