Friday, June 29, 2012

Apples on my family tree [part 2] - Nightmare Be Gone

Eva's Personal Log: Stardate 62630.1, Earthdate August 02, 2385.
Great screams of horror echo throughout the ship, jarring me from my restless slumber.  I quickly look around, hoping it was a nightmare, when my eyes gaze upon the source of the disturbance.  Then I realize: they've found us.  As quickly as I can move, I rush toward the escape pods and prey I can move fast enough to beat them.  As I hurl myself into the pod and the door closes, I realize that I was only a moment too late: a fragment of a nanite bomb has grazed my arm...

I open my eyes and smile.  The satin sheets rub against my naked body.  I feel so comfortable here, despite the nightmares.  I'm used to sleeping on the floor in my clothes, usually wet with sweat and rancid body odor.  I can't believe all the luxuries they had: information at your fingertips, comfortable beds, and lovely delectable foods!  Replicators in every dorm, a club built for entertainment, and oh, the gardens!  The lovely, bountiful flowers and trees... I never dreamed such amazing things existed!  Oh, sure.  I've heard stories, but I would have never been able to imagine such beauty... especially when all I see is death when I close my eyes.

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