Thursday, June 28, 2012

Apples on my family tree [part 3] - Future Passed

Eva's Personal Log: Stardate 62632.8, Earthdate August 03, 2385.
Tonight, I regrettably let the knowledge of what will happen get in the way and truly take me over... Devon made an off-comment about how life was like a pizza, "You can order it how you want, but in the end you pay for it."  A sound bit of advice, for someone so inexperienced.  But it touched a nerve, and I became resentful.  How easy it must have been for them both; for them all back then...  They didn't know what was coming.  How could they?

The observations I made of them being so full of life could only come from a life born in this time: their outlook on the future (while bright and uplifting) is also so naive.  If they grew up in a universe ruled by those... those monsters...  And so, I grew frustrated and upset; I almost blew my cover.  I walked away, took a breath, and then remembered something Tryn told me... before the end.

He looked at me with those glowing eyes of his, instilling such trust and friendship.  "If this works... there will be such difficulty for you ahead.  You will find yourself alone in a world so very different from our own.  And even though you will be doing your best to blend in, you will be very different from them all - for you have seen this life, in all it's horror and hardships, and they have not.  Their eyes are filled with hopeful ambitions, as they embark on their maiden voyages; riding the starlight of their dreams.  You, Eva... you must ensure that their dreams do not turn into nightmares."

It used to bother me how he talked.  Then as I got to know him I understood: he saw a world without this oppression, and objectively looked at the bleak reality in which we lived.  I couldn't fully believe such a place existed until I came here, and now that I've seen it... I understand what all is at stake.

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