Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Out of Character Note

Conclusion: Now Posted
I've now come to a reasonable conclusion of the story.  I hope everyone that's reading this will enjoy how everything's tied together.  Ultimately, this story's been about the character's journey and about self-discovery, with an overall purpose.  While there's an overarching story about 'fixing the future' that affected my characters, I wanted to involve them in a way that didn't feel like throwing characters at the story.  While some of my interactions with other characters have been left out, I feel everyone introduced had a purpose.  I had fun creating and roleplaying with everyone involved.

At 18 chapters, I wanted to stretch it out a bit more, but it was put on the back burner after the people I roleplayed with were seldomly on, and I wasn't able to conclude the story through roleplaying online.  I stopped actively playing STO, but felt I owed it to myself (and anyone that reads the entire story) to come to a conclusion.  I've put the blog in ascending story order so as you scroll down you can read chapter after chapter.

Feel free to drop a comment if you find this entertaining, or want to comment on anything.
Anyway, thanks to everyone who's reading this.



  1. I like these... a Lot!

    we do something similar. http://facebook.com/ussSTARCHASER

    I have a similar problem to you, and I thought a couple ideas we had might help. Our boffs look like other people in our fleet. I also frequently use the Foundry for screenshots to better organize things..

    Good luck! And awesometastic ship charts! =D

  2. Oh wow, that's really cool! Thanks for the post! I'm glad someone's enjoying the story. As stated, I wanna try to wrap-up this one so I can concentrate on other endeavors. I'm going to check out your facebook when I get some time to read. I like the idea of using the Foundry for screenshots, but honestly, it was really fun setting up the shots while we were playing without them knowing... Then showing them this blog with the pics from our exploits! I had fun surprising them! :)

  3. Can't wait for the story to continue!

    1. I'm working on finishing this story out. Just posted Chapter 17. I'm thinking it will probably go to chapter 20 to reach the conclusion. Thx for reading!