Friday, June 15, 2012

The Search for Apples [part 16] - Demons & Shadows

T'Kala's Field Log: Stardate 63044.2, Earthdate January 1, 2386.

What would generally be viewed by most Vulcans as a welcomed expected situation creates unease and unsettled anxiety in me.  I, in turn, attribute this to my human half (which, in turn, is most likely an excuse).  However, such naivety may just be how I survive such a perilous mission.

Landing on the demon planet was an absolute: scanners could barely reach the surface, so transport was simply not possible.  The environmental suit the TDI equipped me with would hold up better than a standard E.V. suit, yet due to the harshness of the demon planet, would last only with moderate outdoor use.  To this extent, I was fairly relieved when I found a derelict structure in-tact after some time searching the debris.  Would this seemingly borg-infested fragment be my salvation or my undoing?  The E.V. suit interrupted my brief contemplation, urging me to seek the shelter and make a decision.  It seems even on this abandoned world, destiny (as I've heard Kabrina say) intervenes.

No sooner than I solidified my decision, something struck me from behind; sent me hurling toward the ground.  Elements in the sediment acted as expected and within seconds my suit showed signs of corrosion.  I quickly regained my footing, looking around the stone structures for signs of my assailant.  When none could be found, I immediately checked my E.V. readout; which prompted an immediate evacuation from the outdoor elements: I had but minutes left.

Leaking oxygen, temperature climbing, environmental containment failing, I ran as fast as I could toward the dilapidated hutch.  The human emotion fear: would there be breathable air inside?  Would it be lined with Borg?  Was I racing toward my very assimilation?

Another jarring blow from behind combined with my own speed sent me flying toward what appeared to be an in-tact, working door at the foot of the structure.  I landed with a thud, tried to catch my breath, and quickly rolled around to see a silhouette standing before me.  Another beep from my environmental suit made the bright light of the demon planet turn black as the world faded away.

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