Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Search for Apples [part 14] - Recruitment

Agent Jones - Department of Temporal Investigations Personal Field Log: Stardate 63026.0, Earthdate December 25, 2385.

Why must we go through such long explanations?  I mean, seriously, I wish those we interact with would just respect our authority; these stubborn academy recruits try my patience.  I suppose I should be taking note from Agent Smith, that emotionless, hard-headed Vulcan!  He sat flying the shuttle during the entire briefing!  Granted, we were in enemy territory, using a holo-emitter and falsifying our transponder to match a Toron shuttle... but still!  He could have at least acknowledged the little pointy-eared runt.  Then again, maybe that is precisely the reason why he ignored us: she was all dressed up to look like a fellow Andorian (even though I could tell the difference right away!).  Maybe Agent Smith simply didn't want to see one of his own posing as a blue goddess... But I digress.

I'll say this for her: she's a tough one, this T'Kala.  Maybe not the fortitude and strength of an Andorian female, but for a pointed-eared Vulcan, she definitely has spark!  A few times, I almost forgot she belonged to my partner's race. Maybe if the circumstances were right, I could test just how much her Vulcan pain (and pleasure) thresholds could endure...  But again, I digress.

The abduction went without fail.  She was traveling with Kabrina - that female Mr. Scott was so protective of - and I don't believe she was able to identify me, since I pushed her to the side.  *laughs* That female fell at the slightest touch!  But it was a perfect diversion to grab T'Kala by the arm and do a quick recall back to the shuttle.

I'll be the first to admit, however, that my anger got the best of me.  (It's been doing that quite a bit, lately.)  Mr. Smith has yet to teach me that Vulcan breathing trick he does, but as always, after speaking with my old partner, I was able to collect myself a bit and talk to the blue-skinned, green-blooded contradiction.

I described our predicament (albeit, a condensed need-to-know version), and tried my best to get her to understand the threat looming on the horizon.  She seemed unimpressed, until I brought to light the ultimatum I previously used on Devon Scott: If she were to help the TDI, I would make sure their - all of their - insubordinate acts remain... undisclosed.  Very unusual reaction, for a Vulcan: a sense of concern washed over her face, followed by a quick resolve to help.  Maybe this little Vulcan actually had feelings for those pink-skins.  I swear, understanding the nature of Vulcans is harder than understanding the nature of temporal anomalies!

Whatever the reason, she agreed to help us...  A decision she may soon regret, I'm sure, for it's not every day you are sent to infiltrate a Borg sphere.  I hope the little racial-confused girl is up for it... To think: our very universe may rest on her perfectly radiant, heaving, ample bosom... but, admittedly, I digress.

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